About Us

Topmail was set up in 2006 to provide secure webmail and has since become an innovator in the Email Security Industry.

Topmail was designed specifically for those who take security and privacy seriously

“Everyone else promises a secure email but we deliver it”

The aim initially was to provide a completely spam free and highly secure webmail service, focusing on serving local markets and later to expanding globally.

Unlike competitor email services, Topmail has been designed by security experts, making it the most secure email in the world. Topmail benefits from over 25 years of Security industry expertise and support, making it a global leader in email security.

Topmail is committed to continuous improvement of its services and maintaining itself as the most spam-free, private and secure email provider around the world. By preventing spam, Topmail protects its users from nuisance mail, viruses and phishing scams. With the choice of additional encryption, Topmail also ensures your mail is private by encoding the contents of your messages transforming it so that it is unreadable to anyone who cannot access the key needed to unlock the message. Topmail does not scan emails to target ads, privacy is a key feature of the service.

Topmail is a global service offering secure email and encrypted email with local domains also in Ireland, the UK, United States, South Africa, New Zealand and India.

About Topmail’s Anti-Virus Infrastructure:

Topmail is unique in that it has its own dedicated, custom built Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus infrastructure. Updated constantly and subject to 24 x 7 x 365 global monitoring and support it provides a complete security blanket against all incoming viruses.

Unlike other providers Topmail scans and rejects virus laden emails long before they reach our email servers, instead of scanning attachments only when you download them-after they have arrived in your Inbox. This makes Topmail’s systems more secure and ensures no matter what you can never be exposed to a virus through your Topmail account.

  1. This secure managed email filtering service continuously monitors email traffic immediately blocking spam, and any emails containing viruses.
  2. Filtering takes place on multiple levels, with layers of security and a vast range of checks carried out on all inbound and outbound emails
  3. A wide range of techniques continuously build our knowledge base of new and emerging spam threats
  4. Emails, where illicit content is detected, are quarantined.
  5. The secure email service operates at internet level, eliminating threats before inbound emails reach our email servers and before outbound emails reach your family, friends, customers or business colleagues.
  6. With the option of encryption email, this ensures your mail is private and protects it from prying eyes.

Company Profile

Topmail is owned by Topmail Limited an industry leading, cutting edge provider of security for email with operations in Ireland, UK, Canada and South Africa, employing over 1,500 people.

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