Topmail Features

Unique Anti-Spam Gateway

Side by side with our Anti-Virus infrastructure, Topmail has a dedicated Spam blocking system for anti spam email.

Uniquely Topmail does not scan emails based on content, but on the source of the email: This makes Topmail much more accurate and secure email than other providers in identifying the difference between spam and genuine emails.

Also uniquely, Topmail rejects all spam entirely at the first barrier, which means you will never see any spam in your inbox, making your email experience safer and more pleasant.

Ad Free Email

Unlike our competitors, we don’t scan your emails to target and sell advertising to other companies. We take privacy very seriously to offer ad free emails.

It is nearly impossible to imagine any online service today without advertising. This is one of the special PRIVACY features of Topmail, our users get to enjoy secure email without being bombarded by advertising. Topmail continues to offer users an ad free email experience. Our users can read their email and view their inbox without being plagued with advertisements.

Private Email

At Topmail, private doesn't just mean no Ads. It means that you own your own data. It also means we keep logging and record keeping down to the minimum required to provide you with a safe, secure environment, unlike other providers who are constantly mining information about you in order to sell targeted advertisements.

Email Encryption

When you send an email without using encryption it can potentially be monitored, logged, analysed and stored by your employer, your internet service provider and other parties.

Topmail keeps your email private by encoding the contents of your messages using our email encryption service . Encryption is a way of transforming a message so that it is unreadable to anyone who cannot access the key needed to unlock it. Topmail makes encryption seamless and transparent; we encrypt your message automatically when it is sent and restore it back to its original form when the recipient reads it.

Topmail uses industry standard algorithms as specified by the Open PGP Standard (RFC 2440) to ensure the security, privacy and authenticity of your email. We also protect all webmail traffic with HTTPS.

With Topmail, all you need to remember is your passphrase. Topmail takes care of everything else in the background. This seamless and transparent encryption process makes Topmail one of the most user-friendly secure email solutions available.

Secure Email Headers

When you send an email, important information about it's origin are sent with it. This allows anyone who receives the email, or who intercepts it, to understand where it was sent from. This information is contained in email headers and has the potential to affect your privacy as it may reveal where you are at different times.

At Topmail, we modify these email headers, to ensure that all personal locational information is removed.


Topmail has a dedicated, custom built Anti-Virus infrastructure developed by a dedicated team of world leading experts in email management and email security systems to offer anti virus email.

Updated constantly and subject to 24 x 7 x 365 global monitoring and support it provides a complete security blanket against all incoming viruses.

Unlike other email providers Topmail scans and rejects virus laden emails long before they reach our email servers, instead of scanning attachments only when you download them-after they have arrived in your Inbox.

This makes our own systems more secure and ensures no matter what you can never be exposed to a virus through your Topmail email account.