"Free" Email versus Paid Email

Free email has one fantastic advantage over paid email - you don't have to pay for it! However the hidden cost of "free" email, means you're really paying a much higher price than you think.

Paid EmailFree Email


€24.95 per annum. About €2 a month - less than the price of a Cappuccino.None


NoneTargeted ads based on deep analysis of your emails and attachments.


Direct email support and live chat support 09:00 to 18:00 GMT and US Central TimeA forum

Privacy / Data

You retain total ownership of your own data. We do not and cannot analyse your emails or attachments. If you delete something it's gone forever.Service provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com) has wide ranging rights to use, reproduce and indefinitely store your data. Data is mined for insights into who you are and used to target ads to you.


End to end encryption for emailsPartial encryption at best. Service provider always retains the capacity to decrypt and read your messages to support targeted ad content.

Account Protection

If your account is hacked you can contact us directly, prove your identity and regain control of your accountIf your account is hacked (and they change your contact info) then there may be no way to ever prove that account belonged to you. There is no direct, human way of establishing your identity.

Problems with Free Email

Do you use a free email service like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.com? Then please take the time to watch our video presentation:

You can read more about these issues on our blog: Why Pay For Email?.