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Only €24.95 per annum

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All other major email providers are reading your email, in order to provide targeted advertising. We don't do that. To us private communications are private. Read More


Topmail has important additional security features including: Email Encryption, a unique Anti-Virus system, connection based spam blocking and secure email headers.

Ad + Spam free

You'll never see spam in Topmail. You'll never see Ads on Topmail. After all, ads are reallly just paid spam. Read More

Key Features

Topmail supports everything you expect and more

  • 10GB Storage
  • Desktop and Mobile Access
  • Proper Support provided by a human being
  • Up to 25MB size attachments
  • OpenPGP Email Encryption
  • TLS / SSL encryption when you connect
  • IMAP / POP3 supports all major email clients
  • Contacts / Address Book
  • Optional two step authentication for added security
  • Ad and Spam Free

Only €24.95 per annum

Simple, Powerful Interface

Topmail believes in simplicity and speed

Quick, easy to use Webmail interface.

Our webmail provides classic, simple email with powerful extra features subtly integrated

Responsive, mobile interface

Our webmail also works seamlessly on phones and tables, so you can use it anywhere

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