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Need a private alternative to Yahoo mail?

Yahoo allowed US government agencies to scan and view ALL of their user’s emails and content

If you are one of the 800 million active users of Yahoo email users then it could be about time that you decided to switch to another provider ASAP. Over the past few weeks it has been revealed that Yahoo allowed US government agencies to scan and view ALL of their user’s emails and content. In another blow to users, Yahoo have since decided to disable email forwarding from their accounts. This strategy has been see as a mechanism to stop existing users of Yahoo defecting to other more privacy focused platforms such as Topmail.

With many users now looking for a suitable and safe alternative to Yahoo, we have put together 5 reasons why you should consider Topmail as your new private & secure email provider.

Human Support

Unlike most, if not all other email service providers, Topmail offer human support to users who find themselves needing some help with set up or operational issue. We have a physical number which our team can be contacted during business hours and we also have active online support agents. Dealing with long and ambiguous FAQ engines is something you can avoid with Topmail.

We Never Scan Email

We will never scan or read your outgoing or incoming emails. Unlike our competitors, we don’t scan your emails to target and sell advertising to other companies. We take privacy very seriously to offer ad free emails.

No Adverts

We believe your email should be private, secure and confidential. We will never build profiles of our users to allow third parties advertising agencies to directly advertise to you, such intrusive strategies are undertaken by “free” email providers such as Yahoo and Gmail.

Encrypted Emails

Topmail keeps your email private by encoding the contents of your messages using our email encryption service. Encryption is a way of transforming a message so that it is unreadable to anyone who cannot access the key needed to unlock it. Topmail makes encryption seamless and transparent; we encrypt your message automatically when it is sent and restore it back to its original form when the recipient reads it.


Unlike other email providers Topmail scans and rejects virus laden emails long before they reach our email servers, instead of scanning attachments only when you download them-after they have arrived in your Inbox.

The protection of your online data is becoming ever more important in today’s digital environment. Any “Free” online service unfortunately still comes at a cost to you i.e. your privacy. Make the switch today and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind of a private and secure email account. Still unsure? Then try a Topmail account out for free NOW and enjoy a full month before deciding to pay a penny.