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Why Pay For Email?

A list of good reasons you should consider paying for email

There are many free email providers. Companies such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all offer free email services. So you might wonder why you should pay for email. There are actually a lot of very good reasons:

  • Ad free: we don’t display ads. All the major free email providers display targeted ads which not only can be a nuisance but, more importantly, are targeted based on analysis of your private data. In other words those ads are based on their systems reading your email and attachments. Topmail do not serve ads and never analyse the content of your email communications. Read More

  • Human Support: Ever wished you could communicate with an actual human being at your email provider? Wish no more. All your support interactions with Topmail are conducted with a real human being. No automation and no scripts. All our support representatives have the knowledge they need at their fingertips to help you with your specific problem.

  • Data Protection: Did you know that when you send an email through Gmail, for example, you “give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works…communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content”? At Topmail your data remains your data at all times and we will NEVER use it in any other context whatsoever.

  • Privacy legislation / jurisdiction: Topmail is regulated by powerful privacy regulation that protects your data from unwarranted intrusion. We also implement a strict privacy policy. As our service is based in Canada, we are also subject to pioneering legislation in this area.

  • Encryption: Gmail, Yahoo and other ad driven email providers don’t want to provide end to end encryption for your email. If they did, they couldn’t read and analyze your emails to provide targeted advertising. Topmail, being Ad Free, provides end to end encryption because we never analyze the content of your emails. We don’t need to, because we don’t serve ads of any kind. In addition our unique gateway-based spam protection means that we don’t need to analyze your email for spam prevention.

  • Get a better email address: When you’re communicating with the world wouldn’t you prefer to have an email address that reflects your identity? As a paid email service Topmail can offer a better choice of address. Also you won’t be lumped in with the billions of other spammy-looking, and accounts. Everybody knows these free, ad based accounts can be created in seconds, by anybody, using any identity. A Topmail account, while totally private, speaks to the legitimacy of the user.

  • Protection from losing your account: Ever heard horror stories of people getting locked out of their Gmail or emails? They can lose years of email or access to vital services. This is not due to a fault on the part of the service providers: Hackers get control of an account and automated systems have no way of knowing who is the real owner. When you pay for a service, there’s one very simple, ultimate way for us to determine who the real owner of the account is. It’s the person who pays us for it: You.